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How we integrate our program
One of the reasons companies are reluctant to switch long-time contractors or vendors is due to the difficulty in making the actual transition. To ensure the transition process to your new service goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Unisec operates by a comprehensive transition plan. Although we are continually updating and revising our transition plan to accommodate evolving and changing business practices, fundamentally, the plan features key components that never change: A transition team, strategic integration processes with a timetable, and systematic procedures for selecting and screening personnel.

The Transition Team
Upon contract award, a transition team is mobilised to be gin the process of integrating Unisec services into your operation. We assess all components of your facility, preferred procedures and desired outcomes. We then take that data and build a profile of the type(s) of employees and equipment that will be needed to service your property.
The transition team is comprised of local and regional employees. Unisec is responsible for their expenses throughout this process. When necessary, we also assign several members of our corporate management and administrative staff to support the transition from every aspect.

Employee selection
In situations where we are replacing another contractor, we will consider retaining incumbent personnel prior to going through the recruitment process with client approval. All employees, regardless of their prior experience, must pass our background screening, attend formal Unisec employee training and pass our drug-screening test.

Strategic Integration Processes
Although it can vary, a transition typically takes place over 30 days. All transitions operate on a timetable that has been mutually agreed upon between Unisec and the client. The timetable is actually a plan that moves the transition process through a systematic procedure from inception to completion. All Unisec employees involved with the transition operate by this timetable that features many checks to prevent errors or missed deadlines.