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How we recruit
As your security and facility management provider, Unisec is responsible for every aspect of the security and facility management function: hiring, screening, placing and managing personnel, as well as ensuring security coverage and accountability.

We use the most accurate, rigorous background screening system in the industry. We verify previous educational background, work history, employment references, criminal records, driver's license validity and ensure that applicable state licensing procedures are met. We also verify that all screening checks have been completed, and confirms that the results exceed a defined standard.

Who we recruit
Our background screening process is selective and vigilant. We are dedicated to recruiting and retaining individuals with characteristics of trustworthiness, motivation and reliability.

In addition to using traditional recruiting methods, we developed our own program where:recruitment3

• All prospective employees are screened for alcohol and illegal drugs as a prerequisite for employment, and clients can also request drug screening on an annual or random basis.

• All candidates are interviewed in person by local office personnel to determine their suitability for a position.

• We also develop site-specific hiring profiles based on our client's needs, which can be determined by everything from geographical location to a facility's layout and design to the complexity of the duties required for the job.